Functional Testing for Websites

Iterators tests against the client requirement documents, which are created before every project. We work to ensure all applications are working as intended. We test to ensure compliance with specifications so that our clients do not encounter any business interruptions due to nonconformance.

How many websites have you visited that do not work properly? Have you encountered websites that work on one browser and not on another? Have you filled out a form only to receive a notification that the "Information provided is not valid? There is a famous glitch that occurs on websites if you test with a name such as Mr. Null, Ms. Test, or Mrs. Sample, and the website will not accept the name because it assumes the names are not real.

These situations indicate how many variables need to be tested on your website or applications and not identified in the previous testing.

We have a flexible, client-focused approach and can work with you in many different iterations:

  • Iterators LLC can provide additional project help when your full-time team needs some extra support;
  • Iterators LLC can provide expertise in creating test plans, requirement documentation, or helping with compliance to reduce a business impact;
  • Require expertise in identifying the areas of greatest risk using session-based Exploratory Testing

Regression Testing

The goal of regression testing is to make sure that modifications to your software do not break existing features (i.e., regress).

Why should an update cause an existing feature to stop working? Well, that happens all the time due to code complexity and other factors. (See an XKCD cartoon.) We keep track of test cases for consideration when regression testing. This means our testers learn from previous experiences, which results in higher quality, faster results for you.

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