Websites & Mobile Testing

Usability and responsiveness are highly prioritized. Poorly tested software is often discarded quickly, while high-quality products with highly experienced mobile app testers are critical to achieving the best user experience. We test iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire mobile applications and responsive websites for software bugs and generate well-written bug reports, including video recordings.


Websites should be referred to as web applications, given their level of sophistication. Web applications typically utilize JavaScript, plug-ins, and server apps to implement their features fully.

End users have come to expect the same experience whether using Safari on macOS or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Testing the web applications in different environments is the only way to ensure a consistent experience. Selenium, TestRail, and Applitools are used by Iterators to automate testing across platforms and to run tests in parallel.

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing ensures the application meets the client's requirements and is free of defects. We look at several specific areas:

Exploratory with Functionality – We complete rigorous testing to meet the client's requirements. We test across all current operating systems without the expense of creating new test plans, which quickly become obsolete.

Usability – We test, document, and report issues to the client that can cause end users to experience lackluster performance or confusion.

Consistency – We test, document, and report all issues inconsistent in look, feel, or behavior, and we test using mobile devices, never emulators.

Security – We look to ensure that the client's requirements are met and to report any issues that can cause security concerns for the end user.

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