Websites and Mobile Testing

We Test browser compatibility, accessibility, performance, load tolerance, usability, platform compatibility and localization.

Websites and Mobile Testing

Years ago, “software” referred to mainframe applications, and then later to desktop applications like Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Word. Today, “software” generally refers to websites and mobile apps. Some testing methodologies remain as discussed in the classic book The Art of Software Testing by Glenford Myers in 1979. However, modern applications also require specialized techniques for complete testing.

Mobile Applications

Have you ever had a problem with an app on your mobile device? Did you stop using it and move on to a different one? Mobile Applications, or apps, place a high priority on usability and responsiveness. Poorly tested, bug-riddled software is often discarded quickly and the user switches to a different app. High quality mobile app testing, usually within an Agile development process, is critical to achieving the best user experience. At Iterators, we make use of actual devices, simulators, emulators and cloud-based device farms to test a wide variety of Android and iOS phones and tablets. We also test over a range of networks to make sure the app responds appropriately over both fast and slow networks.


Websites should really be referred to as Web Applications given the level of sophistication in modern websites. Web Applications typically utilize JavaScript, plug-ins and server apps to fully implement their features. This level of component integration can lead to problems, especially when viewed across multiple operating systems and browsers. Your users expect the same experience whether they are using Safari on macOS or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. The only way to ensure they have a consistent experience is to test the Web Applications in several, different environments. Iterators employs a variety of tools ranging from actual devices to cloud-based virtual machines. Selenium, TestComplete and Applitools are used to automate testing across platforms and to run tests in parallel.

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