Websites and Mobile Testing

We test browser compatibility, accessibility, performance, load tolerance, usability, platform compatibility, and localization.

Websites and Mobile Testing

There is a high priority on usability and responsiveness. Poorly tested, bug-riddled software is often discarded quickly and the end user switches to a better app. High quality mobile app testing, using Agile development process, is critical to achieving the best user experience.

Mobile Testing

The goal of mobile testing is to ensure the application meets the requirements of the client and is free of defects.

We look at several specific areas:

  • Functionality – We complete rigorous testing so that the client's requirements are met.
  • Usability – We test, document and report issues to the client that can cause end users to experience lackluster performance or confusion
  • Consistency – We test, document and report any issue that is inconsistent in look, feel or behavior and we test across with a variety of mobile devices and operating systems we own.
  • Security – We look to ensure that the client's requirements are met and to report any issues that can cause security concerns for the end user.


Websites should really be referred to as web applications given the level of sophistication in modern websites. Web applications typically utilize JavaScript, plug-ins and server apps to fully implement their features. Component integration can lead to problems, especially when viewed across multiple operating systems and browsers.

End users expect the same experience whether they are using Safari on macOS or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. The only way to ensure they have a consistent experience is to test the web applications in different environments. Selenium, TestComplete and Applitools are used to automate testing across platforms and to run tests in parallel.

What People Are Saying

  • The QA assistance from Iterators LLC makes tracking features within the app easy to understand and fix through the manual tests they plan. They are available and adaptable when needed. Additionally, they provide a cost-effective way of developing a QA process. Their flexibility in assisting us whenever we required help, especially with our release scheduling, is impressive.

    Chris Paul, CTO

    Chris Paul, CTO
    True Rowing/Hydrow

  • Thanks to their input all payment issues have been resolved; however, other required changes are still underway. Communication, integrity, and dedication to their mission are strengths of theirs that helped the collaboration run smoothly. It's been an honor to work with the Iterators team.

    Deborah Bradley, Founder & CEO

    Deborah Bradley, Founder & CEO
    Boston SEO Geeks

  • Iterators LLC’s testing was key in delivering four third-party client apps throughout the year. They were receptive to feedback and improved steadily throughout. Collaborative and friendly, the team meshed well with internal staff and consistently provided comprehensive documentation.

    Dan Katcher

    Dan Katcher
    CEO, Rocket Farm

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