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We provide a full range of software testing services for Websites, Mobile Applications and Desktop Applications.


Accessibility testing is part of usability testing. We test to ensure individuals with visual impairments, color blindness, hearing loss, elder status and developmental disabilities can use apps and websites successfully.

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Websites and
Mobile Testing

Website testing involves additional techniques such as: Browser Compatibility Testing - Accessibility Testing - Performance Testing - Load Tolerance Testing.

Mobile software testing also requires more specialized skills such as: Usability Testing - Platform Compatibility Testing - Localization Testing. We can also test Native, Hybrid or Mobile Web Applications.

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Manual and
Automated Testing

Our testers are trained to have a high attention to detail when performing manual testing and to use automated testing techniques when relevant. We can immediately test your software manually and then add appropriate automated tests over time to make regression testing more efficient. Automated testing ranges from Selenium with a Python framework to TestComplete from SmartBear to other tools that you may use in-house.

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Data and Statistical

Many small to medium-sized companies do not have a statistician at their disposal to clean big data or analyze performance statistics. We offer an array of services to help you.

  • Big data applications
  • A/B marketing analyses
  • Website performance statistics
  • Other statistical needs

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Functional and
Regression Testing

We are flexible to match your approach, whether you are using Agile or traditional development methodologies. We can work with your requirements and test cases, or perform exploratory testing. We can provide 100% of your software testing, or supplement your internal team. Independence and creativity are key elements to find issues to help your software developers create high quality software.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing is related to the "Requirements" for your software or website. For example, does the correct function occur when users click on a button?

Compatability Testing

Mobile and Web applications, in particular, must work on a variety of mobile devices or web browsers. Testing on Safari may not be sufficient for your customers that are using Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Automation Testing

Automation can be particularly useful for Regression Testing. This involves re-running a core set of tests for each new version of your software to make sure that fixing one bug did not re-create several other bugs.

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