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Jul 05 •

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Automated vs Manual Testing

When it comes to testing a new software product, you basically have two choices: you can choose to have people (either your in-house employees or an outsourced QA company) conduct the testing, or you can use automation testing services.

Automation 101

If the idea of testing your software product for bugs and other issues with a click of a button sounds too good to be true or cold and impersonal, think again. In many ways using an automated testing service company or product to vet your software offers advantages that a human test team cannot deliver.

For starters, manual testing requires a lot of labor and work. It takes time for testers to actually examine a product and to see how it performs on various devices. But with automation testing, the testing software usually only requires a few hours to examine your application and can deliver results in the same amount of time. Automation testing software also provides you with detailed data about your product and areas of needed improvement. It also tends to be more accurate than human-based testing.

However, just because the system runs automatically once integrated with your product doesn't mean that humans are not involved in the process.

The Automation Testing Process

Automation testing usually considers of three methods of testing: graphical user interface (GUI), application programming interfaces (API), and continuous testing. GUI testing mimics how a human user would use the software, by keeping track of fields that need to be filled in, clicks, and other interactions with the software interface. It is also helpful in uncovering any early bugs with the software. API testing goes deeper, essentially examining how the software interacts with other software and ensures that it meets security and compliance standards. Continuous testing is exactly that; the software is continuously tested to provide updated feedback on the software and any glitches with it.

However, just because the system runs automatically once integrated with your product doesn't mean that humans are not involved in the process. Automation testing services still require careful writing of code to direct the testing tools on what to measure, although some companies offer codeless test automation.

Types of Software Testing Companies

Where traditional software testing companies have their own lab full of equipment to test software on various devices, an automated testing services company requires minimal set-up and can usually implement their product as a cloud-based application. Most automated software testing tools require a minimal setup time and can be seamlessly integrated with your software product, including third party tools. An automated software testing company can usually offer several QA testing products depending upon your needs, and provide you with a live demo and free trial before you commit to a product.

The decision on whether to hire manual testers or to use automation testing services is entirely up to you and your specific needs as well as that of your employees. Automation testing services offers an alternative to ensure your software product is as problem-free as possible and will keep your customers happy.

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Jill Willcox

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