Tips For Hiring Software Testers

Jul 05 •

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When your company is introducing a new software product, it's imperative that it is as glitch-free as possible to ensure your customers will be happy. Very often, hiring a software testing and quality assurance company can deliver benefits that your in-house employees may not be able to provide, but it's not always easy to find the right one, even with thousands of available choices. When looking to hire a software tester, it is important to look for a company that can provide experienced and knowledgeable testers who are familiar with your specific industry. Here are some general tips on what to look for when hiring a software testing company.

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How They Work With Clients

What is the on-going communication with clients like with the testing company you have in mind? Will they meet with you in person, or over video conferencing? How long will it take them to test your product and how do they provide feedback? Finding out about their testing process and how closely they work with clients will give you insight into whether they're the suitable team for your needs.

The test management team should have a clear plan in place to ensure that the test process is effective and efficient. In addition, they should be able to provide you with regular updates on the progress made during the test cycle. You may also want to inquire into their test scheduling methodology, asking questions such as how much time is allocated for each test cycle and what test cases the team covers. The test management team should also be available to explain the test results with you or discuss any aspects of their test process that are unclear.

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ISTQB Certification and Experience

When it comes to software testers for hire, ISTQB certification and experience is an important factors to consider. A quality software testing and QA company only hires experienced testers -- those with an average of three to five years of experience testing software under their belt. Their testers and test managers should be ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified, meaning they have passed training and exams that require a deep knowledge of software development. It's also a good idea to seek out companies that have experience testing products in your particular industry because chances are they're familiar with what your competitors have released and can provide advice on how to make your software more user-friendly and competitive.

Experience Testing Multi Platforms

Software testing companies understand that the world has gone mobile and therefore, testing a software product on various platforms and browsers if applicable is extremely important. Whatever your customers will be using is what a QA company should be using to conduct its testing. Some software testing companies also feature an in-house testing lab where hundreds of the most commonly used devices are readily available to test the product.

Automated testing tools are an essential part of a comprehensive software testing approach and can be used to create automated scripts to run the same tests repeatedly. By using automated testing tools, software companies can quickly test their product on multiple platforms and browsers, allowing them to quickly identify any potential issues before they are released to customers. Automated testing helps software companies ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the development process.

Variety of Testing Services

From installation to user interface testing, a reputable software testing firm has experience testing all facets of software and its functions, including e-commerce platforms. If your software is to be released in foreign language versions, you'll want to choose a software testing company that has experience in localization testing and can ensure that translation is accurate on all areas of your product across other languages and conforms to the foreign user's culture.

This can include bug tracking tools to ensure any defects are identified and fixed, functional testing to make sure the software is running effectively in different environments, compatibility testing for various operating systems, and performance testing to measure response time and validate that the system can manage high volume usage.

Client Testimonials

Reviews from past clients speak volumes when choosing a software testing firm; check to see if the business you have in mind has testimonials and if they cite which industries their clientele is from and the types of software they had tested.

Review the software tester blog. It is a great place to find out what people are saying about software testing companies, their services, and the results they have achieved with their clients. You can learn more about software testing firms before making a decision. Additionally, you can get an idea of how much each software testing firm charges for its services and how long it will take for them to complete the software testing. This can help you decide which software testing firm is best suited to meet your software testing needs.


Hiring the right software testers for your business can be a daunting task. The goal is to hire a company that understands not only the technical aspects of software testing but also the business needs and objectives of your organization.

The listed tips are just some initial guidelines but are a good start to help determine which software testing company is right for your business needs and type of software product.

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