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Helping Society Through Quality Software Testing

Iterators provides quality software testing services to any business, any size, any industry, from our headquarters at CIC, Cambridge Innovation Center, located in the City of Boston, MA.

There are many definitions for diversity, but for our purposes we use the definition from The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies by Scott E. Page. In his book, Mr. Page explains diversity “means differences in how people see, categorize, understand and go about improving the world.” Accordingly, we hire the best person for the job and use other indicators for success as interviews are not a valid predictor of job performance 65% of the time (Schmidt,1998).

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Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Our Clients

Software Testing Services

We provide a full range of software testing services for websites, mobile applications, and desktop software applications. We also offer data cleaning, analysis, and statistical services.


Iterators has three certified DHS Trusted Testers, Section 508. Completing accessibility testing with our team of Trusted Testers is the first step to conformance.

We test to ensure that individuals with low vision, no vision, color blindness, hearing impairment or loss, motor or developmental disabilities, elder status and light-induced epilepsy can access Information Communication Technology (ICT), reducing the business impact caused by nonconformance.

Learn More about Accessibility Testing

Websites and
Mobile Testing

Mobile software users expect an excellent, consistent user experience, so we focus on four key areas: Functionality, Usability, Consistency and Security.

  • Functionality ensures the client's requirements are met,
  • Usability ensures users will not experience performance issues or confusion,
  • Consistency ensures the look, feel, or behavior of the app or website,
  • Security ensures documentation is maintained and addresses any security concerns.

Learn More about Websites and Mobile Testing

Manual and
Automated Testing

We have a complete training system in place so that our testing is of the highest quality and efficient. Our testers have a high degree of attention to detail when performing manual testing and use automated testing techniques when applicable. For example, we can immediately test your software manually and add automated tests over time to make automated regression testing more efficient.

Learn More about Manual and Automated Testing

Data and Statistical

Our testers have backgrounds in Data Analytics, Statistics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We can help you with the following services:

  • Data cleaning and verification,
  • A/B marketing analyses,
  • Website performance statistics and,
  • Other statistical needs.

Learn More about Data and Statistical Services

Functional and
Regression Testing

Our goal is to test the functionality of your software before your customers do. We are flexible to match your development approach, whether you are using Agile, Waterfall, or other methodologies. We routinely use Jira and TestRails for functional testing and automation testing results and will work with any tools you prefer. We can work with your requirements, create them for you, or use exploratory techniques.

Regression testing verifies that your software continues to work after making updates and that nothing broke during the conversion.

Learn More about Functional and Regression Testing

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What People Are Saying

  • Boston College is very excited to partner with Iterators, LLC as we enter an important phase of our project. Following the successful completion of a Proof of Concept engagement, we are looking forward to collaborating with the team at Iterators on functional and regression testing. Additionally, we are working together on improving our internal testing processes and also looking at how automation of manual efforts can be significantly improved.

    Denis Walsh
    Director of Project Planning & Portfolio Governance

  • At Connelly Partners, our Defiantly Human approach informs everything from how we approach company culture to client work to agency innovations,” said Jessica Cheng Schrepel, Director of Project Management at Connelly Partners. Iterators LLC caught our attention for its human-forward ethos, which aligns with our own. Iterators LLC has become a trusted partner for our digital work and have completed more than twenty projects.

    Jessica Cheng Schrepel
    Director of Project Management, Connelly Partners

  • The QA assistance from Iterators LLC makes tracking features within the app easy to understand and fix through the manual tests they plan. They are available and adaptable when needed and are very knowledgeable with several software bug tracking software systems. Additionally, they provide a cost-effective way of developing a QA process. Their flexibility in assisting us whenever we required help, especially with our release scheduling, is impressive.

    Chris Paul

    Chris Paul
    CTO, True Rowing/Hydrow

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Iterators LLC is a women-owned business, certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) that has an emphasis on social impact.