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Iterators is all about software testing. We help Albany businesses of any sizes that work in any industries. Our mission is to work with companies needing quality software testing services, and we do this every day with our diverse and inclusive workforce. We provide a full range of quality assurance services for websites, apps, and desktop applications.

Software Testing Albany Ny

Just some of the services we offer our Albany clients:

  • Software Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Website and Mobile
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Software Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Software Regression Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Data and Statistical Services
  • Load Testing

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Albany Section 508 Compliance and Accessibility Testing

Your company's website may have the most eye pleasing design and boast user-friendly navigation. However if it's not been devised for customers with disabilities in mind, you're losing out on sales revenue - and you could be susceptible to a claim for failure in making your site ADA (American Disability Act) compliant. Not complying may affect the state of your business as you tussle to make the updates which are necessary.

As a "Trusted Tester" which is certified by the Department of Homeland Security, Iterators uses a code inspection-based testing process to ensure your software or website is straightforward for use by the elderly and users with disabilities including low or no vision, light-induced epilepsy, loss of hearing, motor disabilities, and much more. We have the expertise and tools to ensure that your site or software is easily accessible to all, and offer you a summary of recommendations you could make to your product or site so it can be used and fully understood by anybody with disabilities.

Website Testing

As it is your digital showroom, your web site should create an effective first impression which must include being viewable and useable on a wide range of devices and browsers. Your prospective customers will be expecting an effortless user experience whether they are viewing your site using Edge or Firefox, and whether they are on a laptop, a desktop PC or a mobile phone.

It will take time to diligently test a website - which could take your workers away from tackling more important tasks or projects. The Iterators team will take the strain for you, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business and dealing with customers while we look after making sure your site loads and performs faultlessly in different environments. We use TestComplete, Selenium and Applitools to automate our testing across all of the platforms, providing reassurance that the introduction or update of your website transpires without any glitches.

Mobile Website Testing

According to the Pew Research Center, in excess of eighty percent of Americans now own a smartphone. Mobile phone users have a propensity to search online with their devices, therefore your site or mobile software must function and load effectively on both phones and tablets. Iterators have got the capability to diligently test your app, software or website on a diverse mix of smart devices.

There are various crucial features we verify when conducting mobile testing: security, compatibility, consistency, usability and functionality. We will document and report to you any concerns that will cause confusion or affect the end user's experience. We make sure that your product or site does not have concerns about security and that the functionality, feel and appearance of it remains consistent across a wide range of mobile and smart devices. We'd like your website visitors to be relaxed and have their expectations met while accessing your products or site.

Manual Testing

Manual website testing is specifically what the name implies. This kind of testing of a service or site involves persistence, pattern perception, exploration and creativity. All our testing specialists have been trained to pay close attention to detail when performing manual website testing.

Iterators has a number of different techniques for manual testing, dependant upon your requirements. We can carry out test cases, and are also proficient at exploratory testing procedures. Structured exploratory tests enable us to capitalize on our use of ingenuity to look into the elements understood to present the greatest degree of risk, or incorporate newly developed functions.

Automated Testing

Automated software and website testing is well-suited for our personnel with STEM backgrounds, who are able to create well-structured programs to perform exhaustive tests that continue to work as new functions are added. The testers at Iterators use Appium, TestComplete, Selenium and Applitools. We are also able to use our skills with other in-house tools that you might have.

We at Iterators employ the approach to automation known as MoSCoW, in which we collaborate to discover what Must be, what Should be, what Could be, and what Will be automated. The result of this is savings by automating the relevant parts with regression testing and leaving other areas for manual regression testing.

In accordance with your exact requirements, we take a tailored approach to automated testing. For example, one of our favored solutions is to apply the Page Object technique for Selenium tests, and incorporate it with Applitools when conducting sophisticated the visual checking of websites. This is ideal for ensuring that Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and others, are all displaying consistent renditions of your website.

Data and Statistical Services

It is possible that data might contain duplicate records, incorrect entries and missing fields. Iterators' statistical and data solutions help to eliminate missing information while searching through and cleaning up your data.

We use Math (STEM), Technology, Science and Engineering coupled with Data Analytics to examine raw data and convert it in to useable information. We also decipher data in different formats or files so it can be mixed together and used successfully. We use Excel, Python, SAS and R to process various files to extract useable information which our clients can implement, helping to make their businesses more profitable.

We can also supply statistical outlines of your data to search for insights. We will conduct A/B testing by which you can compare the effectiveness of two (or more) promotional mailings to clients: an "A" version and a "B" version. This kind of testing is able to verify the best time of the day to send e-mail messages and when recipients are most likely to open them, amongst other things.

Functional Testing

If your program, app, website or database requires the customer to fill in forms or perform additional activities, that's where functional testing will come in. Undoubtedly you've come across a website that rendered properly on one browser but did not load up entirely on others. Or perhaps a form that you filled in online told you the info you inserted isn't in the right format, even though you can see it is.

Accurate operational software tests prevent such issues and helps your clients avoid frustration or frequently phoning support help. We test out your website or app for variables, to clear away any issues before they get to your customers.

Whether you don't currently have a full-time testing crew set up and require additional support for a project, or you are in need of additional capacity for your existing team, Iterators is adaptive to your wants. We a client-focused outlook, to work with you in many different ways.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is carried out when you are developing an update to software. We at iterators ensure the improvements do not cause failures in pre-existing elements (regression), due to complex code and other variables. We will undertake regression testing to stop such issues from occurring, by tracking case tests. Our testers glean knowledge from past experience, which results in faster, higher quality outcomes for you.

Why Software QA Testing is Important to Your Business in Albany

When you're excited about launching a brand new web site or present an innovative software product, it is a temptation to rush it out the door to your buyers at the earliest opportunity, take a chance, and correct problems when they come about. But, quality assurance and testing is something that you should never rush or take shortcuts on, for a number of important reasons:

It Avoids End User Frustration

If you've previously encountered confusion, bugs, broken links, or other issues when using a website or software program, you'll understand exactly how wearisome it is. You may even have had to waste your precious time emailing the provider's support team and work with them to get round a problem that the developer should not have happened to begin with.

User annoyance may bring about complaints, bad reviews and lost income, which no company wants. Having your product or web site inspected to start with by a testing service saves everybody concerned a great deal of irritation, and leads to increased customer satisfaction.

It Allows You To Concentrate On The Running Of Your Company

It requires skill, patience and time to thoroughly check every aspect of a website or software program so that it delivers a flawless performance to end users. There are some companies that elect to conduct testing and QA themselves, thinking that this will save them money. And yet, in so doing, their workforce might be unable to focus fully on their users and their own specific tasks. They also might not have full access to and knowledge of tools to accomplish a thorough job discovering every little flaw or seeing precisely how the site or program displays on a range of browsers and devices.

Outsourcing any testing to a professional testing company such as Iterators, makes it possible for your personnel to function at full capacity on business procedures and your clients. We take care of all testing aspects for you, so you're able to run your business and feel optimistic you're introducing a top notch web site or program to all your customers.

Our team at Iterators is different because we hire people according to their strengths and expertise. Our fully inclusive workforce brings about better software testing outcomes.

It Is Time Saving

The testing of websites, apps and software for any issues ahead of their introduction, saves you time that you would otherwise invest trying to correct bugs and other problems. Although it might take some time to thoroughly test software or a website, it's well worth the effort, particularly as it will save you from frustration and reduced revenue later.

As a professional software testing firm, Iterators are able to carry out testing for any business no matter its industry and size. Call us today to understand more info on our services!

Software Testing Company Reviews

"Iterators LLC’s expertise has contributed to four successful website launches and highly satisfied end clients. The team’s transparency, friendly disposition, and adaptability continue to impress." Director of Project Management, Connelly Partners

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