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Iterators is all about software testing. We help Rochester businesses of any sizes that work in any industries. Our mission is to work with companies needing quality software testing services, and we do this every day with our diverse and inclusive workforce. We provide a full range of quality assurance services for websites, apps, and desktop applications.

Software Testing Certification Rochester Ny

Just some of the services we offer our Rochester clients:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Data and Statistical Services
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Software Usability Testing
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Software Regression Testing
  • Website and Mobile
  • Functional Testing

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Accessibility Testing and Section 508 Compliance in Rochester

It could be that your company's website has simple, user-friendly navigation and the most attention-grabbing design. But if it has not been designed for the use of clients with disabilities, you're going to be passing up on sales - and you might be at risk of legal action for failing to make your site American Disability Act (ADA) compliant. Not complying may impact on your business as you scuffle to make crucial updates.

Being a Trusted Tester certified by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), Iterators employ a code inspection-based testing strategy to make sure that your software or website can be easily used by the elderly and users with disabilities that include low or no vision, motor disabilities, light-induced epilepsy, loss of hearing, and more. We've got the tools and know-how to guarantee your website or software is easily accessible to all, and present you with a summary of recommendations you could make to your site or product so that it can be used and fully understood by individuals with disabilities.

Website Testing

Because it is your digital representative, your website has to create a fantastic first impression and that includes being viewable and useable on a range of browsers and devices. Your website visitors will be expecting a seamless experience whether they are viewing your site using Edge or Firefox, and whether they are on a laptop or mobile phone.

Diligently testing a website requires time - which may take your workforce away from completing other projects or tasks. The team at Iterators takes this off your hands, allowing you to focus on dealing with customers and building your business while we address guaranteeing your website loads quickly and performs faultlessly in a variety of environments. We use Applitools, Selenium and TestComplete to speed up the testing across all of the platforms, providing reassurance that your website's introduction or update is carried out without any glitches.

Mobile Website Testing

As reported by the Pew Research Center, about 80% of Americans currently own a smartphone. Mobile phone users are more inclined to browse online with their device, so your mobile software or website should load and function properly on both phones and tablets. Iterators has the ability to meticulously test out your app, software or website on an assortment of smart devices.

There are several significant areas that we verify when we're performing mobile testing: functionality, usability, security, compatibility and consistency. We record and report any issues to you that may affect the end user's experience or cause frustration. We make sure your website or product does not have any security concerns and that the functionality, appearance and feel of it remains constant across a variety of mobile devices. We would like your website visitors to be at ease and have their requirements fulfilled whilst viewing your site or product.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is exactly what the name indicates. Such testing of your site or product calls for perseverance, ingenuity, pattern perception and creativity. All our testers are trained to pay close attention to detail when they are performing manual testing.

Iterators has several different strategies for manual testing, based upon your needs. We are able to execute test cases, and are additionally proficient at structured exploratory testing procedures. Exploratory tests enable us to capitalize on the use of our creativity to delve into the aspects understood to have the highest level of risk, or involve recently created features.

Automated Testing

The use of automated software testing is well-suited for our personnel with backgrounds in STEM, who can develop coherant programs to carry out robust assessments which carry on working even as extra functions are added. The testers at Iterators use Appium, Applitools, TestComplete and Selenium. We can also use our skills with various other in-house tools that you may have.

We use the approach to automation known as MoSCoW, in which we work together to recognize what Must be, Should be, Could be and Will be automated. The result of this is general savings by automating the appropriate elements with regression tests and leaving special areas for manual regression tests.

According to your exact requirements, we take a customized approach to automated testing. By way of example, one of our techniques is to employ the Page Object approach for Selenium testing, and integrate it with Applitools when performing complicated visual checks of websites. This is ideal for verifying that Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and so forth, are all providing consistent interpretations of your web site.

Statistical and Data Services

There's a possibility that your may have missing fields, invalid entries and duplicate records. Iterators' data and statistical services help to eliminate omitted information and sort and tidy up your data.

We apply Science, Technology, STEM (Math) and Engineering along with Data Analytics to study raw data and change it into useable information. Additionally we decode data in different files or formats so it can be amalgamated and successfully used. We work with SAS, R, Python and Excel to analyze various files to draw out valuable information which our clients can use, helping to make their businesses more profitable.

We can also provide statistical outlines of your data to search for significant insights. We conduct A/B tests by which you can test the success of two (or more) promotional mailings to clients: an "A" version and a "B" version. This testing can determine the best time of day to send emails and when recipients will usually open them, amongst other things.

Functional Testing

Should your database, website, program or app require the end user to fill out forms and perform other functions, that is where functional testing comes into its own. Without a doubt you've probably encountered an online site which manifested correctly on one browser but did not load up entirely on others. Or possibly a form you completed online informed you the info you inserted is not in the correct format, despite the fact that you can see it is.

Accurate functional software testing prevents these problems and helps your clients to avoid frustration or calling support assistance. We test out your website or app for variables, to clear away any serious issues before they annoy your users.

Whether you have no full-time testing crew in place and can use further help with an assignment, or you are desperate for increased capacity for your existing lineup, Iterators are flexible to your needs. We always adopt a client-centered outlook, to work alongside you in many different capacities.

Regression Testing

Regression testing needs to be done when you are developing a software update. We make sure the improvements do not cause failures in pre-existing elements (regress), as a result of complex code and additional reasons. We can perform regression testing to stop such issues from happening, by keeping tabs on test cases. Our expert testers learn from past experiences, which results in higher quality, faster results for you.

Why Software QA Testing is Important for Your Business in Rochester

If you're excited about releasing a new website or introduce an innovative software product, it's tempting to get it out to your clients at the earliest opportunity, roll the dice, and fix issues when they come about. But, quality assurance and testing is something that you should not rush or cut corners on, for a number of important reasons:

It Avoids End User Discontent

If you've ever previously encountered bugs, broken links, confusion, or other problems when using a website or software program, you'll understand how wearisome it can be. You may even have needed to waste precious time phoning a company's customer support and working with them to solve a problem that the company shouldn't have happened to begin with.

User dissatisfaction might lead to negative reviews, lost revenue and complaints, which no business wants. Having your site or product examined first by a professional testing service can save everybody a good deal of irritation, and culminates in higher customer satisfaction.

It Allows You To Concentrate On Running Your Business

It requires time, skill and patience to meticulously analyze all aspects of a web site or software product so it gives a perfect performance to end users. Certain companies choose to carry out QA and testing themselves, imagining that it will save them money. But, in so doing, your workers may be unable to fully focus on your clients and their own specific jobs. They also might not have complete knowledge and access to the appropriate tools to perform an in depth job catching every hitch or observing precisely how the product or website displays on several different browsers and devices.

Outsourcing the testing to a professional testing company like Iterators, enables your team to perform at full capacity on business operations and your users. We attend to all testing aspects for you, so that you can concentrate on your business and feel optimistic that you're releasing an outstanding product or web site to your clients.

The Iterators team is unparalleled in that we hire people according to their skills and strengths. Our inclusive workforce produces the best software testing outcomes.

It Saves You Time

Testing software, websites and apps for any problems ahead of their release, saves you time that you would normally devote endeavoring to correct glitches and other issues. Though it may take quite some time to meticulously test software or a website, it's definitely worth it, in particular because it is going to save you from frustration and impacted revenue later.

As a dedicated software testing service, Iterators are able to perform tests for any business regardless of its industry and size. Call us today to learn more about our services!

Software Testing Company Reviews

"Iterators LLC has built a strong partnership through their outstanding work, affordable pricing, and friendly attitude. Although communication got off to a slow start, the team improved quickly and established an efficient workflow." COO, Door of Clubs

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A Monroe County city Rochester has a population of 205,695. It was the country’s first boomtowns. It was the center for many manufacturing units and flourmills. Some of America's iconic companies were born here. Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lamb, Western Union to name only a few. It is a global center for research and development in science and technology. Internationally renowned universities like Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester have a presence here. These have bolstered the city’s economy to a great extent. It has remained a center for political and social movements like Women’s Rights Movement and Abolitionism. The city is known for its music culture with popular institutions like Eastman School of Music and The Hochstein School established here. Each year many music festivals like Jazz Festival, Lilac Festival, Rochester Fringe Festival and so on are held here. It has the world’s largest photography collection.

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