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Identifying and recording software testing bugs, without having to repeat the work, is a key component of mobile application testing. Iterators ISTQB-certified software testers use several different products to keep track of our work – some are more challenging than others and which one we utilize can often depend on the client’s needs.

Below is a list of just a few products and a few pros and cons about each:


Airtable ( is a cloud-based product, which looks like a spreadsheet but is, in fact, a database. A pro is the template for bug reporting and online tables. The con for software testers is that you cannot record tests; therefore, you would not use this for regression testing as it requires you to repeat tests once you’ve updated your site.


Elastic ( is also a cloud-based product. Pros are an online table and the ability to share the results of device testing with the mobile app developers or testing teams. A con for software testers is that it’s less flexible than the other products in keeping track of software bugs.


A recent addition to our toolkit is PractiTest ( – a cloud-based and test management tool. There are three pros with PractiTest: 1) it keeps track of tests, 2) it can be used for regression testing, and 3) you can use it to make charts and graphs.

=>Discover a variety of test management tools in our informative article.

Iterators has all of these products at our disposal and collaborates with our clients for efficient and cost-effective software testing. Knowing which one(s) to choose is an important part of mobile application testing strategy. In one situation, for example, one of our ongoing clients used Airtable, an Excel spreadsheet and Word – all of which had to be updated separately for them to find the information they wanted. Having experience with all of the software, we began introducing them to other products hoping they would see the value in having the data in one place. They have now started using PractiTest, which allows us to spend more time actually testing the software, instead of adding data to three different products.

Selecting the appropriate project management tools is essential for high-quality software testing and ultimately, application performance. At Iterators, we know how to approach each project and produce thorough reports for our clients, which will ultimately benefit your clients.

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Jill Willcox has worked on accessibility issues for most of her professional career. Iterators is an inclusive women-owned small business (WOSB) certified by the Small Business Administration and WBENC. We provide software testing services for websites, mobile apps, enterprise software, and PDF remediation services, rendering PDFs ADA compliant.

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