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Women in Tech: Real Leadership in the Workplace. How Inclusive Is Your Company?

Leadership in the workplace, Inclusion, Women in Tech, Visionary

Software Testing Client Project Case Study

This case study covers everything from writing requirement documents for our clients to testing software to creating user guides to ensure compliance for our clients to use for quality assurance and auditing purposes.

Case Study of Mobile Apps

We have experience working on complex mobile apps and we understand why testing teams are essential for a positive user experience.

Own Your Passion - Women in Tech

As a woman-owned small business I was lucky enough to have a mentorship with TJX and will share the lessons learned

The Rhythm of Finding Work as Women in Tech

Iterators LLC has recognized DE&I since its inception, Women owned small business located in Boston, MA.

Our Wealth of Diversity Reflects Who We Are—Women in Tech

Companies would benefit from acknowledging—and acting on—this wealth of diversity by employing more WOSBs and women.

The Good That Comes With More Women in Tech

Being an SBA-certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Presents Both Advantages and Challenges in the Technology Field. Eligible for Federal Contract Program (WOSB) as primary or subcontractor

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