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Iterators is all about software testing. We help Back Bay businesses of any sizes that work in any industries. Our mission is to work with companies needing quality software testing services, and we do this every day with our diverse and inclusive workforce. We provide a full range of quality assurance services for websites, apps, and desktop applications.

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Just some of the services we offer our Back Bay clients:

  • Software Regression Testing
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Software Usability Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Data and Statistical Services
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Website and Mobile
  • Quality Assurance

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Back Bay Accessibility Testing and Section 508 Compliance

Your company's website may have the most attention-grabbing design and user-friendly navigation. However if it's not been devised for the use of people with disabilities, you're going to be losing out on revenue - and you could possibly be susceptible to a lawsuit for failure in making your site American Disability Act (ADA) compliant. Not complying may affect the state of your business while you rush to implement the updates that are required.

Being a "Trusted Tester" certified by the Department of Homeland Security, Iterators uses a code inspection-based testing strategy to make certain your software or website is straightforward for use by older people and users with disabilities that include hearing loss, light-induced epilepsy, motor disabilities, low or no vision, and more. We have the tools and expertise to make sure that your website or software is accessible to everyone, and present you with a detailed list of recommended changes you could make to your site or product to ensure it can be used and fully understood by individuals with disabilities.

Website Testing

As your digital representative, your site must make a great first impression which must include being viewable and functional on a range of different devices and browsers. Your potential customers will be expecting a smooth user experience whether they are viewing your site using Firefox, Edge or Chrome, and regardless of whether they're on a laptop, a desktop PC or a mobile phone.

It will take time to methodically test a website - which may divert your staff away from performing other projects or tasks. The skilled team at Iterators will take the strain for you, permitting you to focus on building your business and serving customers whilst we take care of making certain your site performs and loads flawlessly in various situations. We use Selenium, TestComplete and Applitools to automate testing across all systems, providing peace of mind that your site's introduction or upgrade happens without any glitches.

Mobile Website Testing

Around 80% of Americans now own a smart cell phone, on the authority of the Pew Research Center. Mobile phone users are more inclined to browse the web with their device, therefore your site or mobile software must load and function effectively on phones and tablets. Iterators have got the ability to diligently test out your website, app or software on a wide variety of smart devices.

There are various significant features we check when conducting mobile device testing: usability, compatibility, consistency, functionality and security. We will document and report any concerns to you that can cause confusion or impact on the end user experience. We ensure your product or site does not have security concerns and that the functionality, look and feel of it remains constant across a variety of mobile and smart devices. Our aim is for your clients to feel relaxed and have their requirements fulfilled whilst viewing your products or site.

Manual Testing

Manual website testing is just what it indicates. This type of testing of a site or product requires persistence, exploration, creativity and pattern perception. Our testing specialists have been trained to have a high attention to detail when they are doing manual testing.

Iterators has a number of different techniques for manual website testing, depending on your needs. We can perform test cases, and are additionally effective in exploratory testing techniques. Exploratory testing enables us to optimize our use of ingenuity to delve into the elements identified to present the greatest risk, or incorporate recently created functions.

Automated Testing

Automated software and website testing comes as second nature to our personnel with backgrounds in STEM, who can create well-structured programs to carry out stringent checks that continue working as brand new features are introduced. The testers at Iterators use Applitools, TestComplete, Appium and Selenium. We can also employ our skills using supplemental resources that you might have in-house.

We at Iterators use the approach to automation known as MoSCoW, in which we work together to discover what Must be, Should be, Could be and Will be automated. This results in savings by automating the appropriate elements with regression testing and leaving specific areas for manual regression tests.

We apply a customized strategy for automated testing based on your needs. For instance, one of our favored approaches is to utilize the Page Object approach for Selenium testing, and combine it with Applitools when conducting complicated the visual checking of web sites. This is useful for ensuring that Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc, are all displaying consistent results for your web site.

Data and Statistical Services

There's a good chance that your data may contain duplicate records, incorrect entries and empty fields. Iterators' statistical and data solutions help to eradicate missing information while sifting through and tidying up your data.

We utilize Science, Technology, STEM (Math) and Engineering together with Data Analytics to examine unanalyzed data and change it into useful information. We also decode data in different files or formats so that it can be combined together and successfully used. We utilize SAS, R, Python and Excel to process an array of files to extricate useful information that our customers can implement, making their businesses even more successful.

We are also able to supply statistical analyses of your data to look for significant insights. We will undertake A/B testing in which you're able to compare the performance of 2 or more client mailings: an "A" version and a "B" version. This testing is able to verify the optimum time of day to send out email messages and when recipients are most likely to read them, amongst other factors.

Functional Testing

Should your program, database, app or website require the user to complete forms or perform additional functions, that's where functional testing will come in. Undoubtedly you've encountered a website which manifested properly on one kind of browser but didn't load up fully on another. Or perhaps a form which you completed online told you the info you inserted is not in the correct format, even though you can see it is.

Proper functional software tests prevent these issues and helps your customers avoid frustration or having to contact your support team for assistance. We do tests on your website or app for all the variables, to clear away any problems before they get to your users.

Whether you have no full-time testing crew in position and want further help with an assignment, or you need additional capacity for your existing lineup, Iterators are flexible to your wants. We a client-centered outlook, so as to be able to work with you in many different capacities.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is carried out when you're developing a software update. Iterators make certain those improvements do not cause failures in existing elements (i.e., regress), as a result of code complexity and additional factors. We can conduct regression testing to prevent such issues from occurring, by keeping tabs on test cases. Our trained testers learn from past activities, which leads to higher quality, faster results for you.

Why Software QA Testing is Important for Your Company in Back Bay

If you are eager to unveil a brand new web site or present an innovative software program, it is tempting to push it out the door to your customers at the earliest opportunity, cross your fingers and toes, and solve problems when they come about. But, quality assurance and testing is something that you shouldn't rush or take shortcuts on, for a variety of key reasons:

End User Discontent is Avoided

If you've ever previously experienced confusion, bugs, broken links, or any number of other issues when trying out a website or software product, you'll know just how frustrating it can be. You might even have had to waste your time phoning the provider's customer support team and working with them to get round a predicament that the company really shouldn't have transpired to begin with.

User annoyance can easily lead to lost earnings, poor reviews and complaints, which no company wants. Getting your web site or product examined early on by an experienced testing company saves everyone a good deal of unnecessary frustration, and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

It Enables You To Focus On The Running Of Your Business

It requires time, patience and skill to extensively test every aspect of a software program or web site so it gives a flawless performance to end users. There are some companies that choose to conduct testing and QA themselves, believing that it will save them a bit of money. However, in so doing, your workers may be unable to focus on your users and their own roles. They also may not have complete access to and knowledge of tools to complete a thorough job of catching every last snag or appreciating exactly how the product or site renders on different browsers and devices.

Outsourcing your testing to an experienced software testing company like Iterators, permits your employees to function at full capacity on your buyers and business procedures. We take care of everything on your behalf, so that you're able to run your company and feel assured that you're introducing an outstanding product or website to all your clients.

The Iterators team is unparalleled because we employ individuals according to their abilities and strengths. Our inclusive workforce produces superior testing outcomes.

It Saves You Time

The testing of apps, software and websites for problems before their introduction, saves time that you'd otherwise spend attempting to fix flaws and other negative problems. Although it can take quite some time to exhaustively test a site or software, it's well worth it, particularly as it is going to save you from impacted revenue and inconvenience down the track.

As a professional software testing firm, Iterators can undertake assessments for any enterprise irrespective of its industry and size. Call us to understand more details on our services!

Software Testing Company Reviews

"Iterators consistently delivers near-flawless QA reporting and assessment that rivals that of advanced and established publications. The team leverages an ideal combination of personable and attentive collaboration and implementation skills." CEO, Lobus

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