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Software Testing Client Project Case Study

This case study covers everything from writing requirement documents for our clients to testing software to creating user guides to ensure compliance for our clients to use for quality assurance and auditing purposes.

Clutch Names Iterators LLC As A Top Certified Women-Owned Business For 2022

Iterators LLC named Top Certified Women0owned Business Again 2022

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Apr 04 •

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing, as related to software or a website, focuses on if the software/website meets the WCAG requirements and therefore users with a range of disabilities can access your site.

What is Software Testing and Why is it Necessary?

What is Software Testing? This comprehensive guide covers examples, key resources, and best practices in the art and science of software testing.

Internet Explorer 11 Status: Some Clients Still Use IE

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is the last major version of Internet Explorer. Starting June 15, 2022, the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will no longer be supported on certain versions of Windows 10*.

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Feb 02 •

Efficient Exploratory Testing for a Large Enterprise Software Project

It is well-known that manual testing is faster to get started, faster to identify bugs and an important part of an agile development process. Perhaps less well-known are some best practices regarding how to implement these techniques

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jan 24 •

Case Study of Mobile Apps

We have experience working on complex mobile apps and we understand why testing teams are essential for a positive user experience.

Own Your Passion - Women in Tech

As a woman-owned small business I was lucky enough to have a mentorship with TJX and will share the lessons learned

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