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The Power of a Chance - Baseball and a Novel Approach to Business

Iterators employs talented people with the ability to see patterns and sequencing. Data suggests people who are neurodivergent can give a company a competitive advantage.

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jul 05 •

PDF Remediation - Making PDFs ADA Compliant

PRF Remediated Documents, Accessibility

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jun 03 •

The Rhythm of Finding Work as Women in Tech

Iterators LLC has recognized DE&I since its inception, Women owned small business located in Boston, MA.

Our Wealth of Diversity Reflects Who We Are—Women in Tech

Companies would benefit from acknowledging—and acting on—this wealth of diversity by employing more WOSBs and women.

The Good That Comes With More Women in Tech

Being an SBA-certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Presents Both Advantages and Challenges in the Technology Field. Eligible for Federal Contract Program (WOSB) as primary or subcontractor

Women in the Workplace: Learning to Unlearn

When We Talk About Individuals on the Spectrum, we are Educating Others to Look Past Differences to Access the Successful Worker Within

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jan 05 •

Pros to Neuroinclusivity in the Workplace

Neuroinclusivity Part of Diversity in the Workplace, Biases in Hiring

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Aug 09 •

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