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Efficient Exploratory Testing for a Large Enterprise Software Project

It is well-known that manual testing is faster to get started, faster to identify bugs and an important part of an agile development process. Perhaps less well-known are some best practices regarding how to implement these techniques

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jan 24 •

Case Study of Mobile Apps

We have experience working on complex mobile apps and we understand why testing teams are essential for a positive user experience.

Own Your Passion - Women in Tech

As a woman-owned small business I was lucky enough to have a mentorship with TJX and will share the lessons learned

The Power of a Chance - Baseball and a Novel Approach to Business

Iterators employs talented people with the ability to see patterns and sequencing. Data suggests people who are neurodivergent can give a company a competitive advantage.

Jill Willcox

Jill Willcox

Jul 05 •

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